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Maui Nui Seabirds: Mauka to Makai

Nov 15, 2021

Martin Interviews MNSRP staff members Karla Trigueros, Cecelia Frisinger, and Fern Duvall about the phenomenon known as fallout. Light distraction of the birds is discussed, as are the topics of recovering downed birds, and what listeners can do to help. We hear recordings of ʻUaʻu kani, taken from Hāwea Point by Rob Frye in March 2021. Rob also made the intro theme and contributed sound effects. Mahalo for listening! Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project 

Light pollution on Maui as seen from the Haleakalā Summit area. Image: Patrick Latter

Map of seabird fallout from 2020, a year in which 84 individuals of 5 species were recovered by the MNSRP team.